Day 2

Nov. 3rd, 2006 12:01 am
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So far it looks like the time (during the week) between 10 and 12 may be my best nano writing time.

Things are going pretty good right now, I hate almost everything I write, but that's par for the course. I am done for today, and am feeling pretty good, I do find it is relaxing to write, I enjoy playing with the characters, and I find focusing on writing a specific scene, no matter what that scene is, is the best way for me to write.

I haven't been checking the word count obsessively either, which is a good thing. ^_^

(Jess what is your name, I seem to have forgotten it, and you don't show up on my friends page, Layne do you have a nano name?).

Other than nano not too much is going on, work and school - same old, same old.

Although, I am really looking forward to seeing Papa this weekend. I really enjoy going to Kentucky, I think Jess, and Mom and me have done a lot of our adult bonding thru trips to KY. That sounds funny, but being in a metal box on wheels for hours upon hours, weekend after weekend, does something to your head. ^_~ Even more important I will get to see Papa, which I am super excited about. ^_^ All around good things. Plus, tomorrow is my last day of pt (hopefully)!!! Woohoo!
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On this day, Wednesday November First, I find myself staring at an empty document yet again. For once it is not a blank page of doom (which signifies yet another miserable paper writing endeavor), no, today it is a blank slate. A fresh start. It is like a blank journal you buy at the book store (even though you have at least three similarly blank journals sitting at home) because of the possibility and newness it represents.

I don't know what I'm going to write. I don't know when I'll find the time to write.

But I do know that this year I'm not accepting any excuses. Yes, I have a quiz nearly every Wed. and Fri. in Latin. Yes, I have a paper due Nov. 13th. Yes, I have a geology exam this month. Yes, I am involved with several clubs. Yes, I work 12 hours a week. Yes, I am busy.

Will this stop me? No. Why? Because I am tired of deferring my dreams until I get the current, very important assignment done, and the next and the next...

My inbox will always be full. It's not an excuse anymore.

Yes, on this first day of Nanowrimo I have joy and excitement. On the 12th day of Nanowrimo, that will no longer be true; of this I am sure.

However, it doesn't matter anymore. I'm laying down the law, telling my self what's what. I am going to write this novel. I'm not accepting any excuses. I'm going to kick butt and make it happen.

I am crying out a call to arms; pick up the pen and write!!!

I will be updating this journal every day this month, to complain, to rejoice, to share my feelings as I journey to the 50,000 word mark and I hope to see you, fellow Nanowrimoers, on the path to greatness and victory.

Are you with me????

( - Be forewarned, the page is loading extremely slowly today - too many people checking it ^_~)


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