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This morning has been slow and snotty, but I have some good news.

First of all, my roommate Z  called early this morning to tell me that she went ahead and bought our "This Is It" tickets for Nov. which is unexpected but nice.

Also, in the continuing saga of my loan and Fin Aid situation, I have been waiting on my refund check for about two weeks now. The last time I spoke with the financial aid loan officer she told me that after the loan was approved, the refund check would be automatically mailed to me, and I wouldn't have to worry about contacting them and that it would only take about a week. That was about three weeks ago. So yesterday after I hiked to campus for nothing, I decided that I would call them today.

I called, and a very competent individual answered the phone, listened to my request, put me on hold, and then told me that for some reason the money had just been sitting in my account for the last three weeks but that she had put a rush order on it, and they would be mailing it to my p.o. box. So yay! I will have money. Sadly it will not arrive until Monday or Tuesday next week, however, I should get the money in time to pay all my bills etc. :D

Booyah! Oh and if you are lusting after my icon, the fabulous [ profile] libgirl made it for me. :)

Date: 2009-10-15 07:07 am (UTC)
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These people are such asshats. For real.

The icon looks cute! :D I wasn't sure. :D


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