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Let's see, things I have been doing this week:

-working on the grant for Rare Books (the grant lady comes next week), which means quality time with the typewriter; I can't tell you how angry I get when I have typed an entire page of description for an object and then in the last sentence the space bar sticks and blue satin turns into bluesatin. True Rage.

-Reading the Koran and looking for mentions of paradise; I have to say I like my independent study; it's a lot of work, but I enjoy doing it

-Trying to figure out my hours for Rare Books (time consuming and headachy; involving lots of telephone calls, emails and 'well maybe this will work's')

-Stressing out over the fact that the book I need the most for class still hasn't come; actually I got the package slip today, however...tomorrow was the absolute last possible day it could arrive before I could complain to amazon. I paid expedited shipping and all my other books (including my media mail books -media mail!- arrived last week. Argh. Anyway.

Overall this has been a fairly busy week and I've been juggling work and clubs and classes...I was feeling sickly at the beginning of the week but I feel pretty good now (knock on wood) so that's a good thing...

I met with Nancy this week too, which is another good thing. I'm looking into applying for the humanities grant Dr. Kent told me to apply for, so I talked to her about it and she's helping me find out more information... She is also going to help me write/update my resume and she gave me some information about the GRE which is all good. I feel more in charge when I go and talk to her which is super sweet. I like being in charge. ^_^

That's about it...I'm pretty boring...I have to say in general, this semester kicks last semester's ass hands down. I get to go to class and talk about lay investiture controversies, and the crusades. I debate the merits of Jessica and Shylock vs. Bassanio and Portia. I get to spend my 'free' time examining the differing ideas of paradise in medieval spain. I get to read chaucer in middle english and roll my eyes at the antics of courtly lovers. Yea, I'm liking the classes for the most part. ^_^ (
I'm a nerd. I know.)


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