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At the end of class today Dr. Neuman de Vegvar said she wanted to speak to me and another guy in the class. I thought perhaps she was disgruntled that I had been chewing gum, (but seriously I was lagging, and the act of chewing was keeping me awake). However that was not the case.

She wanted to inform us that the 'people' who had taken writing samples from our teachers when we were freshman, were interested in seeing a writing sample from us as seniors. I asked what 'people' she was talking about, and she said that they were just interested 'people' and would not elaborate any further.

It's all very mysterious. I have never heard of these people before. Apparently when I write a four page extra credit paper (I really have no plans in writing a four page extra credit paper) I'm supposed to print off two copies, one for Dr NdV, and one for the enigmatic 'people'.

My question is, why are they asking a random professor for their sample rather than talking directly through me, and why didn't Dr. NdV, just say who they were? Strange and stranger... (and, on a side note, what do they think of my writing? lol) Why is this the first time I've heard of these people, and have they been keeping tabs on me for the last four years, do they collect writing samples from all my teachers? Oh the questions.

 If I were more paranoid *cough* I might possibly suspect in my wee little brain that they are the ever elusive, scarily fascinating, and secretive... Masons!!!! Yes that's right,  I might be convinced that the masons are collecting writing samples and keeping tabs on me for as of yet unrevealed nefarious purposes. ...But I'm not that paranoid (yet).


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