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Yea! So I have reorganized all my bookmarks, recced some fics (just for you Jess ^_~ - you should definitely check out the gen fic even though you don't read in the fandom) and cleaned out my rec folder. I also, cleaned out my yahoo inbox, downloaded the new mozilla and about a gazillion additions/extensions, and I got a new theme! I changed my font too. In addition, I cleaned up my room, went through the desk drawer of doom that always fills up during the week and found a receipt I've been looking for. I cleaned up my leaning tower of books as well. The only things I need to do still: clean up my yahoo folders, clean up my writers club/school stuff box, email debbie, and clean up my book shelf.

I've been quite productive. ^_^

I talked to Mom last night and she was feeling a little better, last night was a good day. She has another procedure/surgery on Monday which will hopefully help with the pain for a bit. She was hoping to go to the grocery store and stuff today, and she needs someone to come over and eat her yummy chili, b/c whatever will she do with such a big pot, however then I looked at Jess's lj. Oh my. I hope you are feeling better Jess (I emailed you but I don't know if you are checking it) :(.

What else did I do this week...
-I turned in my papers for the AMRS grant (and exciting, Dr. DeMarco emailed me about another opportunity ^_^)
-I submitted my work hours (before Sunday, go me)
-did interview for connect to OWU
-met w/ dr. latenier

I have so much work to do this weekend and this week that it is not  funny, so I am making a little to do list, no need to click on it unless you are terribly interested in all the things I need to do.

Alright, off to work!!!!
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So Monday sucks. It's really a rotten excuse for a day. I don't think anything good ever happens on a Monday. Now that I've got that out of my system...

Anyway; I want to recommend some more books that I just recently read and enjoyed:

Jar City and Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indridtason. 

The books are 'thrillers' written about main character, detective inspector Erlendur Sveinsson which take place in Iceland. The first book I found a bit jarring because I was not used to Indridtason's writing style (or rather the 'Icelandic' mystery writing style), however I got used to it, and I really enjoyed both books. So yeah, if you are looking for a mystery...The third book is coming 'soon'. 

At the moment I am searching for yummy mystery books to read, although my tastes are pretty specific so I'm having a hard time finding any. I am thinking about going to the Delaware Library tomorrow but I'm not sure; with the temperatures so low I don't know if I want to do that to myself. Once I get there, I imagine I'll have a hard time leaving what with facing the cold, and leaving the books and all; I might just hide out in the library and never come out and wouldn't that be a tragedy. 


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