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*clears throat* No I have not disappeared off the face of the earth...sometimes I think it just seems that way. I'm still hanging in there.

I finally developed all my film, and there are a handful of good pics that I will post in here, eventually.

So basically I haven't done anything all today, except make a crap outline for class tomorrow. I really want to go outside but due to certain reasons I'm sort of tied to my room. However food is a definite must sometime today...I need to go to Thomson and get something, anything really. I was going to have cheese and crackers earlier  but then I opened the fridge and water poured out. Yes, poured out. Somehow I turned down the freezer setting and so everything melted, and all the water deluged my poor packet of cheese. After cleaning out my fridge and dealing with soggy, squishy cheese - not hungry.

Although to be honest, I'm terribly relieved that the strange noises I've been hearing in the middle of the night were my freezer melting, rather than the poltergeist Lucy, I was previously convinced was living in the shower. Seriously. Every time I go in the bathroom anytime after 3 it's terribly creepy. Anyway. That's not to say I don't think Lucy doesn't exist, but I can't blame her for the strange drippy noises. That's all.

Erm...what else? I finished How to Be Good by Nick Hornby. I think a lot of people would think it's terribly depressing...and it sort of is, but I enjoyed reading it for the most part. About half way through I hated the characters so much I was thinking about quitting, but I was halfway through! So I finished it and I'm glad I did, but like some Amazon comments said, don't read it when you're depressed b/c well...not really a good idea.


Trivia fact of the day: Someone's car alarm has been going off for two hours now. I think I might have to leave the room just to get away from it.

So much work to do!!! Yeah, about that...


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