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Tomorrow is my big exam for LMH (Late Medieval History in case you were wondering...not sure if I ever mentioned that) and my journals are due. Then the day after that is the Shakespeare exam. Then I have the presentation for Dr DeMarco on Monday and a paper due for that class at the end of the week. Then my Shakespeare project research is due and I have a Latin exam. Then I am done until spring break. Yea. lol.

After tomorrow though, things should be easier, I'm stressing the most about LMH.

Jessica said I should make a post about ten things people don't know about my life at school (b/c apparently she has so much time to work on her own entries, and so few ideas she has to throw some my way.) So I just sat here and tried to think of ten things and I cannot think of a single thing.

Hm. So throw some ideas my way Jess, lol. or better yet, if someone has a question they can just ask. ;p

Okay, off to eat something.

Trivia fact of the day: I dreamed last night that I found the holy grail and I was holding it in my hand, I woke up this morning clutching my white out. So yeah, stand in awe of desk supplies; they have even more import than you realize.


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