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I don't know if I am being overly optimistic or if I am actually fairly competent (without much studying) in regards to upcoming exams. I'm inclined to think that it's a little of both which reassures me a bit.

One of the big things I was worrying about was finishing and turning in all my Latin sentences because it takes me a while to translate them. From what Dr. Frat said in class it appears that we do not need to turn them in, but should instead just work on them in preparation for the exam. I don't want to take things for granted so I went ahead and emailed him about it, and I guess I'll see what he says.

I am going to start studying for the Latin exam tonight; it is two parts : charts and sentences. With a little polishing I think I can manage the charts, the sentences will be tougher.

I am going to go do the oral part of my spanish exam on Wednesday of this week which is a bit earlier than I wanted to do it but I suppose there is no point in holding off and stressing myself out. I am working with three other people which makes me feel a bit more comfortable. I got my spanish revisions back today so I can revise them one more time tonight and turn them back in, yea. There is one that I will only be able to revise once because of time constraints but hopefully my overall essay grade will be high enough that it won't matter.

I am pretty tired but today went pretty well. All of my teachers were really understanding, and the one who has the strictest attendance policy, was the most concerned. ^_^

So I am tentatively optimistic. Whenever I start to get stressed I imagine Jessica the Unicorn lunging at me with her hair stick planted firmly in the middle of her forehead moving her head like a goose, miming impaling me and making little roaring noises.

Hehe. Yes, okay, so maybe you had to be there. But I'll tell you this, you haven't lived life until Jessica has pretended to impale you. Yes indeed. Mmm hmm.

Oh and I've been trying to think of things to put on my xmas list, Jess; this is what I have so far:

-Comics from my folder
-Seasons of Buffy (anything but season 1) or angel
-Movie Book

Help me!!!


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