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So Jessica I have a present for Molly but it's not here yet. When it gets here I have to write a touching and heartwarming card, but I promise that when you finally get it (sometime next week hopefully) it will be worth it (I hope). ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ (scary mutant happy faces) tomorrow is Friday and I'm having a fun lunch, yea! I could use a fun lunch ^_^ can't we all?

Thank you Jess for calling me, I know I said thanks to you on the phone but I got off the phone and I actually felt like doing more work!!!! What with talking to you and my mix cd, I'm actually in a fairly good mood. (I was actually thankful for cingular tonight when I saw that we talked for 74 minutes and it didn't cost a penny, good god! :p, that was all you by the way I wasn't ranting about anything...nope not me....*walks away whistling innocently* )

OOOh I like this website:
Yea for sites that let you figure out what you have mysteriously burned on cds (and even though you have the list of what's on them...somewhere, you don't have it with you)!!!!

Oh! My computer is so fast now! It's wonderous!!!!!

Ack, I'm hyper....!!!!

Trivial thought of the day: The online journal (lj/myspace/facebook to some extent, I guess) is a curious thing. We invite people to read our thoughts and read about things we care about, and then we get mad when they blatantly and/or snidely criticize our posts, we get angry when they disregard our feelings and tear our posts to shreds...I wonder why?  (And no, this is not directed towards anyone reading this, it's just my random musings ;p)


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