Aug. 28th, 2009 04:47 pm
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I ventured out today and got my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. I felt all grown up and stuff. lol. I also picked up some sand for Nala, and some crunchy treats. Finally I headed to the mall and got some books I'm interested in reading and lunch. :D Feeling more cheerful, and much happier with my hair. I'm been debating whether or not I wanted to get it cut, and looking at styles online, and finally just headed out. I think it looks pretty good. It's short again, and low maintenance which is exactly what I want.
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I had a very difficult time getting to sleep last night. Eventually I came downstairs grabbed my laptop, went back upstairs and played chess until I was exhausted. After placing the laptop on the floor next to me I went to bed and slept. Or so I thought. It is no secret that when I am stressed I sleep walk and do other bizarre things when I should be sleeping. So. This morning I woke up and was immediately disturbed. I felt like someone had been in my room, so I looked around, trying to figure out why.

First of all my laptop was missing. After searching for it in all the likely places I became convinced that Dad must have come in my room in the night, perhaps because it has blinking lights that possibly could have woken him. Satisified I continued making my bed...and immediately tripped over my laptop placed precisely against the wall on the exact opposite of the bed, adjacent to the side I never use. This section of floor is home to rejected pillows, forlorn teddy bears and croaking alarm clocks. It was weird to find it here, but I wasn't especially concerned until I found the blanket.

On the corner of my bed I keep a blanket folded up in a square in case I get cold. However this blanket had been moved to the foot stool, I use as a chest, at the end of the bed. In addition it had been folded elaborately into a triangle with overlapping layers. It looked beautiful...but I don't know how to fold like that when I'm awake. lol. Curious, I looked around some more, because I was dubious that the blanket crawled down to the chest and refolded itself... :p

That's when I saw the comics. The last few days I have been reading comics in bed, in the morning I get up and put them in piles to be sleeved, on my desk. However there were no comics on the floor when I woke up and more odd, the comics on the desk had been reorganized. They were alphabetical and numerically organized according to what I'm preparing to read next. *shifts uneasily*.  

Finally, my glass of water had been moved, and a napkin placed under it, (I have no napkins in my room) and the door was open a tiny bit, which I would never do. I am obsessive about sleeping with my door shut (all the better *not* to hear teh nookey).

Lastly the door to my closet was open... I'm just relieved that my closet is full of stuff. I don't think I could have handled another *closet episode*.

Long story short, I have apparently taken up blanket folding as well as willy nilly indulge my OCD tendencies in my sleep. I just hope I don't skip stairs in my sleep because I tend to trip on my pajama pants when I'm awake.

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I'm just going to post links here because there is something wrong with lj cuts.

First up: Do you need to snake your drain? DIY! ----> lifehacker.com/5327321/make-a-mini+snake-for-your-bathroom-drain


Have you ever heard of Golden Bloom? (------> picture of Golden Bloom: fensepost.com/main/images/bands/g/golden_bloom.jpg  )
You should check them out, www.spin.com/articles/hot-new-band-golden-bloom   The band is releasing all of the tracks from their new album online, week by week. There are already several tracks up and they are legal and free). Download and enjoy! (do it now!)  ryanssmashinglife.blogspot.com/2009/07/premiere-golden-blooms-dead-petals-and.html

Do you want some more free music? Do you like new artists, and some old ones? -------> lifehacker.com/5324417/grab-the-best-picks-from-1000-free-reverbnation-mp3s    or www.reverbnation.com/windows

Free legal music from Amazon: lifehacker.com/5210099/download-773-free-mp3s-from-amazon

Happiness Advice:

My favorite blogger, Gretchen Rubin, posted a fitting post: www.happiness-project.com/happiness_project/2009/07/nine-tips-for-having-a-good-bad-day.html

And: realdelia.com/2009/07/22/tips-for-adulthood-five-ways-to-lower-your-expectations/



Did you know that e.e. cummings was an artist as well as a poet? Check out this site: eecummingsart.com/gallery.php

In particular, these are some of my favorites: eecummingsart.com/images/eec0582.jpg , eecummingsart.com/images/eec0012.jpg , eecummingsart.com/images/eec0329.jpg


thedailyfunnies.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/06-18-09-pearls-before-swine.gif  , imgsrv.gocomics.com/dim/ 


icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/funny-pictures-cat-has-adopted-brother.jpg ,


A quote from e.e. cummings that I like: 

I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. – e.e. cummings


An interview with Elmo and the gang ----->www.tvsquad.com/2009/08/02/my-hard-hitting-interview-with-grover-cookie-monster-and-mari/



www.toplessrobot.com/2009/08/the_11_most_disturbingly_adult_scenarios_in_90s_ca.php   Interesting...

   <------ def worth checking out. :D

I've been watching "United States of Tara" lately, I like it. (You can watch it too, online).


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Well, I feel a little less stupid...apparently the lj entry cut problems are a widespread lj problem, and they are not restricted to me...trying to find a way around them...


Jul. 26th, 2009 05:45 pm
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My latin class ends on Wednesday, we get our take home final tomorrow. Then I'm done with real classes until September. My plan at this point, I believe, is to stay here for a couple of weeks (this depends on the price of plan tickets, how much longer I can ignore the home sickness and how much work I manage to get done). I would prefer to have a fair amount of work done before I come home, because it would be nice to have a little break and spend a week or so not doing class work. I think the plan is for me to continue to work with MO, part time, when I'm home.

Caitlin is leaving next weekend, so I'll be alone in the apartment for a while, hopefully I will be more productive. We'll see...

With Caitlin goes all of the pots and pans, plates etc. which means I have some shopping to do. I've already bought some cups, measuring cups and spoons, as well as a cheese slicer, and I have inherited a potato peeler, a knife and a microwave; which is nice.

Anyway, off to work on more latin homework before Criminal Intent comes on.
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I went and hung out in Central Park today, around Strawberry Fields. Here are some pictures if you're interested:  (You can click on the images several times to make them bigger)
Central Park )

I was surprised, and delighted by Central Park, it was really great. On our way in there were two 'statues' one was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, he was pretty amazing, and one was dressed as the Statue of Liberty and he saluted me. All through the park there were musicians scattered around, singing, and playing.

It was nice to be outside in the sun....I did my latin homework and C did some reading for her job, and it was nice and mostly quiet except for the sound of a saxophone... :) On our way out of the park we passed a group singing "Yellow Submarine" and they were very, very good. There was a huge crowd standing in the blocked off street listening to them, and it was sort of magical. As we walked down to the subway entrance, random people were floating by humming and singing "so we sailed on to the sun, Till we found the sea green..."

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I've been a bit out of touch this past week, always forgetting the basic rules which include:
1. boundaries
2. boundaries
3. boundaries

Dozed a little bit today, and got some much needed sleep and remembered:
A. Perspective
B. Perspective
C. Size - everything is relative

There have been a host of little frustrations which have been hounding me, more than I realized, including my missing mail, and my roommate. Currently our mail goes from the mail room to one of two residence halls where we can pick it up between the hours of 6-9 p.m. However, it takes at least a day after the mail arrives for it to make its way to these buildings, which can be frustrating, if in fact it actually makes it there. At this point I am considering renting a p.o. box at the post office around the corner. My roommate and I have just been spending too much time together...that's pretty much the sum and whole of it.

However I took some time to lay on my bedroom floor and read (makes my back feel better and relaxes me). I am also spending more time by myself, and writing more...

A few friends who I had thought were swiftly turning into acquaintances have wandered back into my life, as well, much to my...distraction. I have concluded one thing thus far about these relationships; I don't appreciate it when people only call me to complain about their problems. Venting has its time and place, however I am not a empty black hole into which you can pour your problems.

Finally, if you are hanging out with someone and they ask you where you want to eat or what you want to do, don't say "whatever" or "anything/anywhere" - it is infuriating. If you don't care, and they don't care, just suggest some place. From now on, when people say that to me, I'm going to say, "okay, let's go home then". I would prefer to do nothing, then feel like I have to make all the decisions in the relationship. Ultimately it's not fair to make the other person make all the decisions, and it puts you in a subordinate position. It's good to have an opinion!

Advice of the day: Appreciate your friends! Embrace your opinions!


Jun. 22nd, 2009 12:21 pm
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I am so happy! I can't believe it! Jess if you're anywhere near a computer...look at your phone!


Jun. 9th, 2009 10:01 am
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You can click this to make it larger.

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I had a meeting with Mak this morning, and it went surprisingly well. I pretended I was someone else, and was strong and firm and did not run away when she started telling me negative things (that are not true). So ultimately, it looks as though I will be allowed to do my thesis on something I want to do it on! It makes me happy and it also makes me determined to be a bit more motivated when it comes to finishing up some earlier work...I just need to maintain this motivation.

I need to reschedule my time a bit, so I can manage get everything done, but I have high hopes. I'm also going to reread "Eat that frog".

Caitlin is not moving out for two more weeks, so I'll have a roomie for a bit longer as far as that goes. I am accumulating all sorts of things in the meantime, including peelers, knives, towels and twigs, from Sam, Bernice, Erica, and Caitlin.

We went to Target and Lane Bryant on Saturday, but I bought nothing (which I was proud of myself for). I priced blenders and they were inordinately expensive, the cheapest one was $50.00 so I'm going to do some comparison shopping online and see if there are any cheaper ones out there.

Saving most of my pennies right now until my finances are a bit more secure, it looks like this is going to be the status of things for awhile...I'm trying to think of a way to make saving fun, so it doesn't depress me. It's not necessarily that I want to buy *a ton* of things, it's that I don't want to have to worry about every penny I have. I absolutely hate feeling like I have to scrimp and save, and worry about every purchase I make. I equate saving/spending money with worrying about money which is not a good thing, but is something I think I inherited from my parents. I'm trying to tone down the worry a bit though so I'm going to work on this.

Trivia of the day: I had approximately four 'lols' in this post before I deleted them all. When did I start to get so nervous/self-deprecating/unsure of myself that I put 'lol' 'haha' 'hehe' '^_^' ':)' " :D" after everything I say in order to refrain from offending or upsetting people? My online persona goes around bending and scraping in every thing she does! Not cool...I'm refraining from smiley faces, or any emotive expressions for a while. Good lord.

Edit: I missed one! Gosh...make that *five* lols.
Edit 2: I Need to use my WORDS!
p.s. I'm beginning to think I need to get rid of exclamation points too...I use them in the same way...
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If you're looking for free programs that get high marks by the professionals check out this link...

includes a link to '7-Zip' an amazing program which will unzip all of your files (including RAR files) for free.

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So I have been sort of playing Second Life lately, I stumbled across a blog and a girl was chronicling her adventures in Second Life to see why people liked to play it/ if she wanted to continue to playing it, and I thought it might be fun to do that a little bit. So the last time I was in Second Life, I took some snapshots.

My first two days I wandered around and tried to find free clothes, lol. I also visited the SL equivalent of Disneyland...and I was very bored. I also teleported to Amsterdam, and the Red Light District because it is supposed to be very close (in terms of scenery) to the actual Amsterdam. It was okay, but as I was not interested in buying prostitutes, I soon left.

The other day SL sent me a list of locations and 'fun' things to do. One of the categories was 'events', so I clicked on it, and it turned out that they were having the fifth annual Second (Life) PRIDE. So I decided to go get my pride on. lol.

Although I didn't find hardly any people at the pride location I went to (the one that had the pride museum), I had fun, for the first time. I visited the Pride Museum which chronicles the history of pride in SL as well as actual LBGT history including magazine and newspaper clippings, and pieces of the AIDS quilt. The AIDS quilt in particular was interesting to me because I have seen part of it in real life. :D

Here are some pictures: 

First, this is my free pride hat! It's huge and rainbow colored, lol. It sort of wobbles around everywhere, which...well yeah.

This is my free PRIDE t-shirt. :D

This is a snapshot of me in the PRIDE museum, these were created images and real images of people celebrating their love for one another.

This was one of the exhibits, a hanging tribute to LBGT people.

I was standing on the stairs trying to get a good shoot of the art, but I liked that the sign was visible, so I kept this pic.

This was one of the pieces of art. The art, for the most part, was super cool. You can do so many creative things with digital art, that are difficult to do with paint and plaster art. I was sort of fascinated by the Pride art. This piece is constantly shifting (it seemed to be a theme in the museum) and showing different combinations of the rainbow.

BTW, if you click on the images, they get bigger.

At the end of the day, I actually had fun wandering around the museum, which is the first time that has happened. I think next up, I might visit one of the NY museums in SL, and then actually go to it  :p.

If nothing else, SL is a free way of spending time doing something fun (if you can find something fun to do), and these days, free is all too precious to me.

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I'm back to school for summer classes, I'm taking Medieval Religious Women and Reading for Latin, the first five weeks and then Ecclesiastical Latin and hopefully an independent study on my thesis the second half. I will also be working starting on Saturday, so fun fun.

So far things look alright. We are going to cover seven chapters in Wheelock's Latin, each class (which is three hours long) twice a week, which such be tons of fun. :)

Today I ran around and did some errands; I went to the post office and the NY public library. Thus I had my first experience with a post office in the Bronx...just envision bullet proof glass and separation at all times. heh. I mailed off Jess's books, as well as two books I sold yesterday on Amazon (which was super exciting). Then, I headed over to the van office (a van goes back and forth between our Bronx and Manhattan campuses, and students can travel for 3.00 dollars each way) where I got free passes!!!! I am so excited because it was going to cost me 12.00 a week to go down for class and now it's free, which is great. I got thirty-four passes, which is super cool.

I have class from 6-9 on Mondays and Wednesdays which is okay so far...although I had to take the subway back tonight because the ram van was filled up and there wasn't room for anybody in our class. I walked down to the subway entrance with Lesley, a girl who is rooming with Kate, and who might become my roommate in the fall. She needs some place to live and with Erica and Bernice gone, we have room in our apartment, so we'll see. I talked with her pretty much all the way to Lincoln Center, and then all the way back, and we sat next to each other in class, lol. I went down at 4:30 p.m. in hopes of being early, and actually wasn't all that early, so I think in the future I might go down at about 12:00 to get work done at the library before class and to miss the van crowd.

After class I came back and made stirfry with chicken, a ton of vegetables and soy sauce, and cruncy lo mein noodles. I was so proud of myself, lol. It was yummy. :D I also made a smoothie (big surprise) with strawberries, a bannana, peach yogurt, pineapple and mandarin oranges which was delicious. Finally Sam, Caitlin and I watched "Normal Again" a Buffy episode. Sam and I are slowly making our way through the sixth season of Buffy, we are on episode nineteen I think, so we're actually doing pretty good.

Yeah, so that's what's been going on with me, in exhaustive detail. lol.
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I needed this  book in order to finish one of my papers for class, okay no big deal, except that it was at Lincoln Center. This means that about fifty minutes ago I hopped onto the Fordham ram van and traveled to Lincoln Center, which is the Fordham Manhattan campus. Unfortunately my motion sickness immediately kicks into effect when I take these stupid vans. I struggle not to throw up, and have to distract myself by putting up my hood, wearing sunglasses and listening to music. Even then, I have a raging headache, a rolling stomach, and intense displeasure when I arrive at the Lincoln campus. This last part is unpleasant for those who I happen to encounter. Today in particular I was curt with the man in the law library. I went to pay my fine, I specifically got money to pay this fine. "You take cash right" I asked, "No, hahahaha, only money orders, and checks" he chortled  WTF?!?!

I was enraged (perhaps ;) irrationally enraged) and swiftly left. I think, I would have been okay if he hadn't laughed, if he had been sympathetic or emotionally dead, like everyone else. Instead, he was smug, and gleeful, he was the definition of schadenfreude. As his words traveled to my slighly sick ears, the scales started to grow along my back, in minutes my tail was big enough to crush the entire building. I had to leave quickly otherwise I might have crushed his puny head in one green taloned claw.

*sigh* I wish I wasn't immediately remorseful about these things. All I did was say "okay" and walk away...swifltly. I didn't slam anything or smack the stupid grin off his face. I just walked away.

I'm going to let it go now...letting it go. I think I need to embrace my inner dragon sometimes, Mortimer ;p gets things done sometimes. Anyway, I can't be nice all the time, and that's okay I guess. I will try to react better in the future though...lol. Really going to let it go now.
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This looks super cool! I'm excited about the syncing with google calendar! Check it out. :)

Yesterday I saw Adventureland, which was kind of cute. I also had sushi for the first time, I had cucumber and asparagus (I don't eat fish). I really liked the asparagus sushi, which was surprising, I thought for sure I would prefer cucumber. So there's that. lol.

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