Oct. 26th, 2009

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Dear Dudes and Dudettes,

I have been asked at least once a day by at least one person a day, when I'll be done with school. Lay off please. You're beginning to give me a complex and that's the last thing I need right now. :p

Okay I need to get some work done.
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From this day forth I give advice to no one ever. Mmmm...kay? Good.

Elizabeth's great uncle died yesterday, so I've been running around doing things for her i.e. packing up her clothes and homework, emailing her prof, fetching phone numbers for her etc. She is staying with her great aunt while she calls to get his body released from the hospital and cremated but she should be home today.

I talked to Audra about the email and things are good between us for the most part.

I'm slightly frustrated in general about relationships with people right now though. It seems like there are sparks flying through the air and hitting people. One minute I'm sitting quietly or taking the garbage out and the next minute *bam* I'm blindsided by someone being petty or unexpectedly peevish. Today in the ongoing garbage saga Eva commented that I was taking it out a lot and was that really necessary. In part the garbage was from me cleaning out my cabinet in which an orange had escaped and rolled into the back of the cabinet and quietly moldered. Now, half orange colored and half green colored, I had plucked it from the cabinet and very carefully stuck it into a bag to take down. I also snuck Oust into the cabinet because I don't want to be accused of being a dirty rotten food hoarder aider and abetter. The orange was so smelly that I took it down almost immediately not swiftly enough to avoid Eva's sly comment though.

Then Kim and I got in a fight about Madoff; I guess it's hard when all your rich neighbors and friends are losing money. boohoo. Sometimes I think I'm not friendly enough with Kim and Eva and then we have conversations where Kim says that the recession was caused by Madoff. I don't know, like I said little sparks are flying through the air. 

On the plus side I bought Thanksgiving stamps. So yay. Woo hoo. \

The header i.e. quote is from Whoopi Goldberg.


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