Aug. 26th, 2009

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I had a very difficult time getting to sleep last night. Eventually I came downstairs grabbed my laptop, went back upstairs and played chess until I was exhausted. After placing the laptop on the floor next to me I went to bed and slept. Or so I thought. It is no secret that when I am stressed I sleep walk and do other bizarre things when I should be sleeping. So. This morning I woke up and was immediately disturbed. I felt like someone had been in my room, so I looked around, trying to figure out why.

First of all my laptop was missing. After searching for it in all the likely places I became convinced that Dad must have come in my room in the night, perhaps because it has blinking lights that possibly could have woken him. Satisified I continued making my bed...and immediately tripped over my laptop placed precisely against the wall on the exact opposite of the bed, adjacent to the side I never use. This section of floor is home to rejected pillows, forlorn teddy bears and croaking alarm clocks. It was weird to find it here, but I wasn't especially concerned until I found the blanket.

On the corner of my bed I keep a blanket folded up in a square in case I get cold. However this blanket had been moved to the foot stool, I use as a chest, at the end of the bed. In addition it had been folded elaborately into a triangle with overlapping layers. It looked beautiful...but I don't know how to fold like that when I'm awake. lol. Curious, I looked around some more, because I was dubious that the blanket crawled down to the chest and refolded itself... :p

That's when I saw the comics. The last few days I have been reading comics in bed, in the morning I get up and put them in piles to be sleeved, on my desk. However there were no comics on the floor when I woke up and more odd, the comics on the desk had been reorganized. They were alphabetical and numerically organized according to what I'm preparing to read next. *shifts uneasily*.  

Finally, my glass of water had been moved, and a napkin placed under it, (I have no napkins in my room) and the door was open a tiny bit, which I would never do. I am obsessive about sleeping with my door shut (all the better *not* to hear teh nookey).

Lastly the door to my closet was open... I'm just relieved that my closet is full of stuff. I don't think I could have handled another *closet episode*.

Long story short, I have apparently taken up blanket folding as well as willy nilly indulge my OCD tendencies in my sleep. I just hope I don't skip stairs in my sleep because I tend to trip on my pajama pants when I'm awake.


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