Jul. 12th, 2009

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I went and hung out in Central Park today, around Strawberry Fields. Here are some pictures if you're interested:  (You can click on the images several times to make them bigger)
Central Park )

I was surprised, and delighted by Central Park, it was really great. On our way in there were two 'statues' one was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, he was pretty amazing, and one was dressed as the Statue of Liberty and he saluted me. All through the park there were musicians scattered around, singing, and playing.

It was nice to be outside in the sun....I did my latin homework and C did some reading for her job, and it was nice and mostly quiet except for the sound of a saxophone... :) On our way out of the park we passed a group singing "Yellow Submarine" and they were very, very good. There was a huge crowd standing in the blocked off street listening to them, and it was sort of magical. As we walked down to the subway entrance, random people were floating by humming and singing "so we sailed on to the sun, Till we found the sea green..."


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