Jul. 3rd, 2009

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I've been a bit out of touch this past week, always forgetting the basic rules which include:
1. boundaries
2. boundaries
3. boundaries

Dozed a little bit today, and got some much needed sleep and remembered:
A. Perspective
B. Perspective
C. Size - everything is relative

There have been a host of little frustrations which have been hounding me, more than I realized, including my missing mail, and my roommate. Currently our mail goes from the mail room to one of two residence halls where we can pick it up between the hours of 6-9 p.m. However, it takes at least a day after the mail arrives for it to make its way to these buildings, which can be frustrating, if in fact it actually makes it there. At this point I am considering renting a p.o. box at the post office around the corner. My roommate and I have just been spending too much time together...that's pretty much the sum and whole of it.

However I took some time to lay on my bedroom floor and read (makes my back feel better and relaxes me). I am also spending more time by myself, and writing more...

A few friends who I had thought were swiftly turning into acquaintances have wandered back into my life, as well, much to my...distraction. I have concluded one thing thus far about these relationships; I don't appreciate it when people only call me to complain about their problems. Venting has its time and place, however I am not a empty black hole into which you can pour your problems.

Finally, if you are hanging out with someone and they ask you where you want to eat or what you want to do, don't say "whatever" or "anything/anywhere" - it is infuriating. If you don't care, and they don't care, just suggest some place. From now on, when people say that to me, I'm going to say, "okay, let's go home then". I would prefer to do nothing, then feel like I have to make all the decisions in the relationship. Ultimately it's not fair to make the other person make all the decisions, and it puts you in a subordinate position. It's good to have an opinion!

Advice of the day: Appreciate your friends! Embrace your opinions!


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