Jun. 8th, 2009

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I had a meeting with Mak this morning, and it went surprisingly well. I pretended I was someone else, and was strong and firm and did not run away when she started telling me negative things (that are not true). So ultimately, it looks as though I will be allowed to do my thesis on something I want to do it on! It makes me happy and it also makes me determined to be a bit more motivated when it comes to finishing up some earlier work...I just need to maintain this motivation.

I need to reschedule my time a bit, so I can manage get everything done, but I have high hopes. I'm also going to reread "Eat that frog".

Caitlin is not moving out for two more weeks, so I'll have a roomie for a bit longer as far as that goes. I am accumulating all sorts of things in the meantime, including peelers, knives, towels and twigs, from Sam, Bernice, Erica, and Caitlin.

We went to Target and Lane Bryant on Saturday, but I bought nothing (which I was proud of myself for). I priced blenders and they were inordinately expensive, the cheapest one was $50.00 so I'm going to do some comparison shopping online and see if there are any cheaper ones out there.

Saving most of my pennies right now until my finances are a bit more secure, it looks like this is going to be the status of things for awhile...I'm trying to think of a way to make saving fun, so it doesn't depress me. It's not necessarily that I want to buy *a ton* of things, it's that I don't want to have to worry about every penny I have. I absolutely hate feeling like I have to scrimp and save, and worry about every purchase I make. I equate saving/spending money with worrying about money which is not a good thing, but is something I think I inherited from my parents. I'm trying to tone down the worry a bit though so I'm going to work on this.

Trivia of the day: I had approximately four 'lols' in this post before I deleted them all. When did I start to get so nervous/self-deprecating/unsure of myself that I put 'lol' 'haha' 'hehe' '^_^' ':)' " :D" after everything I say in order to refrain from offending or upsetting people? My online persona goes around bending and scraping in every thing she does! Not cool...I'm refraining from smiley faces, or any emotive expressions for a while. Good lord.

Edit: I missed one! Gosh...make that *five* lols.
Edit 2: I Need to use my WORDS!
p.s. I'm beginning to think I need to get rid of exclamation points too...I use them in the same way...


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