May. 29th, 2009

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So I have been sort of playing Second Life lately, I stumbled across a blog and a girl was chronicling her adventures in Second Life to see why people liked to play it/ if she wanted to continue to playing it, and I thought it might be fun to do that a little bit. So the last time I was in Second Life, I took some snapshots.

My first two days I wandered around and tried to find free clothes, lol. I also visited the SL equivalent of Disneyland...and I was very bored. I also teleported to Amsterdam, and the Red Light District because it is supposed to be very close (in terms of scenery) to the actual Amsterdam. It was okay, but as I was not interested in buying prostitutes, I soon left.

The other day SL sent me a list of locations and 'fun' things to do. One of the categories was 'events', so I clicked on it, and it turned out that they were having the fifth annual Second (Life) PRIDE. So I decided to go get my pride on. lol.

Although I didn't find hardly any people at the pride location I went to (the one that had the pride museum), I had fun, for the first time. I visited the Pride Museum which chronicles the history of pride in SL as well as actual LBGT history including magazine and newspaper clippings, and pieces of the AIDS quilt. The AIDS quilt in particular was interesting to me because I have seen part of it in real life. :D

Here are some pictures: 

First, this is my free pride hat! It's huge and rainbow colored, lol. It sort of wobbles around everywhere, which...well yeah.

This is my free PRIDE t-shirt. :D

This is a snapshot of me in the PRIDE museum, these were created images and real images of people celebrating their love for one another.

This was one of the exhibits, a hanging tribute to LBGT people.

I was standing on the stairs trying to get a good shoot of the art, but I liked that the sign was visible, so I kept this pic.

This was one of the pieces of art. The art, for the most part, was super cool. You can do so many creative things with digital art, that are difficult to do with paint and plaster art. I was sort of fascinated by the Pride art. This piece is constantly shifting (it seemed to be a theme in the museum) and showing different combinations of the rainbow.

BTW, if you click on the images, they get bigger.

At the end of the day, I actually had fun wandering around the museum, which is the first time that has happened. I think next up, I might visit one of the NY museums in SL, and then actually go to it  :p.

If nothing else, SL is a free way of spending time doing something fun (if you can find something fun to do), and these days, free is all too precious to me.


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