May. 2nd, 2009

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I needed this  book in order to finish one of my papers for class, okay no big deal, except that it was at Lincoln Center. This means that about fifty minutes ago I hopped onto the Fordham ram van and traveled to Lincoln Center, which is the Fordham Manhattan campus. Unfortunately my motion sickness immediately kicks into effect when I take these stupid vans. I struggle not to throw up, and have to distract myself by putting up my hood, wearing sunglasses and listening to music. Even then, I have a raging headache, a rolling stomach, and intense displeasure when I arrive at the Lincoln campus. This last part is unpleasant for those who I happen to encounter. Today in particular I was curt with the man in the law library. I went to pay my fine, I specifically got money to pay this fine. "You take cash right" I asked, "No, hahahaha, only money orders, and checks" he chortled  WTF?!?!

I was enraged (perhaps ;) irrationally enraged) and swiftly left. I think, I would have been okay if he hadn't laughed, if he had been sympathetic or emotionally dead, like everyone else. Instead, he was smug, and gleeful, he was the definition of schadenfreude. As his words traveled to my slighly sick ears, the scales started to grow along my back, in minutes my tail was big enough to crush the entire building. I had to leave quickly otherwise I might have crushed his puny head in one green taloned claw.

*sigh* I wish I wasn't immediately remorseful about these things. All I did was say "okay" and walk away...swifltly. I didn't slam anything or smack the stupid grin off his face. I just walked away.

I'm going to let it go now...letting it go. I think I need to embrace my inner dragon sometimes, Mortimer ;p gets things done sometimes. Anyway, I can't be nice all the time, and that's okay I guess. I will try to react better in the future Really going to let it go now.


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