Mar. 2nd, 2009

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Last night my perspective ran away. It was there around dinner time, sitting next to me eating tortilla chips, but when I looked again at bed time it had scampered away. It doesn't happen infrequently really, and everytime my perspective returns I scold it, and vow that next time I'll keep a better eye on the little rascal, that it won't get away again, but the next time I look around it's gone again. Sometimes I ponder the place where perspective goes, and I've concluded that self-honesty and perspective must get together and have margaritas on a beach far from here. 

Wherever I am, is generally not where I want to be, it's a strange and unfortunate situation. I'm still working on that whole, be happy where you are, live in the moment sort of philosophy. It's easier when all my marbles are rolling in the right direction. 

Trivia fact of the day: We are supposed to get fourteen inches of snow by tomorrow (we already have about nine). 


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