Feb. 11th, 2009

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So I made a schedule, to help me be more productive, which is a good thing. It's very pretty. I'm excited because I have a four day weekend, this week. I have Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. (Tuesday because the University is having a Monday schedule on Tuesday and I already have Monday's off). I'm pretty excited about this, in part because I am kind of worn out and tired. I have been trying to push myself to be a bit more on top of things this semester as far as school work is concerned and I'm doing okay with that, better lately. At the same time, I am always pretty tired. Right now life is just going by, day after day. Sometimes that's how life is, I know, but it would be nice to have a little break. It's the dreary gray sky, the honks and beepings of the car night and day, the insults on the street and the pigeons flying along. It's trash day when the trash piles up on the sidewalks in big, black heaps, and the mornings when the trash sweeper comes by, and there's a flurry of movement as people move their cars out of the way of approaching cops with ticket books. It's the gradual darkening of the sky by 5:00 p.m. and the way the blinds cast light on my wall. It's the way I've never been to another country or even been to Central Park (and I've lived in NY for more than six months now). It's the same excuses and insults from good, old friends. It's the bright lights of the grocery store and the constant woosh woosh of the laundry mat. It's climbing up three flights of stairs every day, morning and night. It's the three am bathroom run, and the fight for the shower in the mornings. It's the realization (for the third day in a row) that I don't have milk when I've already poured the cereal. It's when you walk by the same grafiti (pretty boy) every day and the same construction site and the same men in the yellow hats smoking. It's the spanish soap opera in the bodega and the realization that the sun sets and rises and sets and rises.

I was thinking about going to Vermont this weekend, but I don't think I'm going to go now, which is a bummer because it would have been fun. 


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