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I'm barreling through Mansfield Park...not. lol. I am in the third part of the book now. I find it interesting that Austen originally wrote and published "Mansfield Park" in three parts. After I finished the second part I concluded that I would have been on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if Sir Bertram would actually listen to Fannie or if he would insist she marry Edmund...

Though I am not straightforwardly enjoying "Mansfield Park" I am enjoying parts of it, and if nothing else it completely teleports me away in time and space.

Some links I've happened across and you might take a peek at:

- I find the images interesting
- I find this article intriguing in an odd way...very weird
- The images are beautiful, everybody looks so happy... I find the underwater wedding especially interesting (it reminds me of the kiss from "Whip It" )
- apparently I'm on a bit of a visual kick lately, images just jump start the writing part of my brain and tell me 'there's a story here...write it'
- A girl and her burning desire for her own farm...I'm not normally a big farmer *snort* but I find this blog interesting if nothing else, the picture of her goat at the door makes me laugh, and I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to see if she was going to get the loan approved

I hope you have a guilt free wonderful Sunday night, and a beautiful Monday...go forth and teleport!
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