Oct. 13th, 2009 09:37 pm
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I woke up today and my left eye was bloodshot and creepy looking. I believe I burst the blood vessels due to my copious coughing all night long. Bleary eyed and feeling much like I looked I stumbled to the bathroom and was forced to have two separate conversations with my roommates before I was ready to have conversations with anyone.

Z: don't look very good.
Me: Grmph
Z: So you're still sick? 
Z: Does this dress make me look fat? 
Me: Nrgh
Z: Will you zip me up? 
Me: Yrng
Z: Do you like this bra? 
Me: Yrng.

Followed by: 
K: Hi! How are yo....oh. Are you sick? Do we have a little cough? *at this point I hacked out my lung

After this auspicious start to my day, I showered, dressed and entered the kitchen at which point my new toaster declared war on me.

The toaster, who I had proudly named Fred the day before, had decided that he would no longer eject the toast but instead would keep it low inside his belly all the better for me to electrocute, and or burn myself for his amusement.

Though at first I attempted to understand the manual, which when unfolded resembles the map of the universe only written in spanish, I eventually gave up. Irritated, and shivering, because the air conditioning continues to blast forth, I unplugged the toaster and begin viciously stabbing at his inwards with my finger, and successfully managed to fix Fred only after emptying the crumb tray and banging the toaster, not per the instruction manual, on the side of the counter. 

Satisfied I returned to my bedroom to enjoy a music video of a pregnant man singing while I drank my hot tea and english muffin, however I inadvertently spilled nearly the entire cup of tea down my leg. While I was mopping up the tea and calling the burn unit, sadly, my english muffin grew cold.

Fortunately I received an uplifting telephone call and my day began to turn for the better after this point.

This evening I baked cornbread and funtastic brownies. They were yummy. On an interesting side note, my roommates and I are reliving the best moments of the Golden Girls.

Me: I'm just going to have one brownie because I'm not really hungry.
Z: Oh, let me have some more!
K: Yeah I could eat another.
Z: Oh, now we need tea and napkins.
K: That was delicious, I'm not going to be able to fit into these pants for much longer.
Z: Oh stop it.
K: No seriously, I've already gained twenty pounds in two months.
Z: Whatever. You know, we had some delicious carrot cake the other night.
K: Really?
Z: Oh yes.
Me: We still have nearly the entire cake, you want some? 
K: Oh no, I shouldn't. Well let me look at it? 
Me: Okay.
K: Oh get me a plate and a knife!

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