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It's September now, I can't believe it! Wow, it's been a busy week. Time flies when you're having fun though. I arrived back in NY on Wednesday night, just in time to meet with my adviser Thursday morning. Then Jess and I spent the next three days running around, wearing ourselves out, and having a lot of fun (at least I think so, stay tuned to her journal for more deets  ;P ). I'm glad she came, I always seem to do more things when someone is visiting, that I would never do on my own because of lack of motivation. lol. 

Today she left to go home and I spent some time with my roommate Elizabeth. She is very nice, and funny. She's from Scotland, and is finding NY fascinating. It's strange to be the person who *knows* things. lol. I am grateful looking back, that I moved in originally with a group of girls who knew their way around the city - it made for a far less (potentially) stressful experience.

I moved all of my bowls, pans, silverware, cups etc. into the kitchen today and we now appear to have most of the items we'll need to cook. Elizabeth bought some small pots which is good too.

That's most of the things going on with me. I'm sorry that Jess had to hear me talk obsessively about how anxious I was regarding the roommate situation prior to our roommate meeting, but I'm grateful too that she was here, because she has a tendency to ground me and dispel some of my paranoid fears about potential horrible futures. lol.

Anyway, I hope you all have a busy/relaxing/peaceful/loud Labor Day tomorrow (pick whichever adejectives apply ;P). Good night!


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