Sep. 1st, 2009 11:31 am
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On the eve of my departure for New York, I am struggling to deal with all of the unhappy feelings I always have when I head back. This is coupled with irritation regarding emails I keep getting from my new roommates complaining about things, telling me which things they have thrown away and informing me that they want to pay more for internet.

But I am trying to keep my cool and not turn into a skunk which flattens everyone around me because of my own fear and irritation. I refuse to ruin my last day at home because I don't want to leave and I'll deal with my new roommates when I get there. My sister is going to be staying for a few days and they may have a problem with that, but I hope they don't. If they do, I'll pay for her to stay in a hotel. I do not plan to be in the apartment very much so I hope that I won't have to deal with very many problems regarding the apartment. As far as internet goes, I intend to spend the majority of my time at the library so maybe I'll just tell them I don't want to pay for it anymore. I don't know. I can feel myself gearing up to be unhappy and unfriendly, I'm trying not to be but I am having a really hard time dealing with the fact that three people (apparently the fourth roommate is not moving in) have settled into the place where I live, and when I come back, they will be waiting for me... I receive no less than an email a day from them complaining about x, y, and z. Today one of the roommates informed me that she threw away my bath mat and shower curtain because she thought they were too dirty...I am a fastidious person and they were perfectly clean when I left.

Anyway I am going to try to think of things that make me happy to cheer me family, my friends, my pets, my comics, having a place to live and a place to come home to, having some money in the bank, being able to spend some time with my mom, dad, and deidre today, soon to be clean clothes, my bed, my favorite pillow (which I left in NY and will soon see again), my teddybear (also in NY), my camera, my clothes, my computer, the internet, my phone, my favorite tv shows, books, feel good words, music! Oh music, lol (super excited about the new paramore, and the used), all of my birthday presents, my cake, tiberio's pizza, cabbage, my batman wallet, headphones I like, washing machines in the house, my ability to choose who I spend time with, the library, patience, sunshine, trees, and flowers.

Whooo...I'm determined to have a great day today and I hope anyone that read all of the above, has a great day as well.
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